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LSAAT 2023 Poster Session

Click the set of links below to open a new window featuring a PDF file of each abstract.

2023 Poster Submissions

1. Akshay Vaidya, Northeastern University - Optimizing Cold Spray Additive Manufacturing Using Reinforcement Learning

2. Amlan Kar, South Dakota School of Mines & Technology - Cold Spray and Friction Stir Processing: A Novel Hybrid Additive Manufacturing of Aluminum 6061-T6 alloy

3. Blanca Palacios Salamanca, ColRAD - FIU - Tribocorrosion of Wire Arc Additive Manufactured Commercially Pure Titanium for Marine Applications

4. Katrina Rodriguez, ColRAD - FIU - Potentiodynamic Corrosion Behavior of Wire Arc Additive Manufactured Single Phase Titanium for Marine Applications

5. Kyrus Tsai, University of Connecticut (UConn) - Multi-modal Microstructural Characterization of Commercially Pure Titanium Deposited by Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing

6. Lile Squires, Washington State University (WSU) - Monolithic and Bimetallic M250 Structures Via WAAM

7. Mann Patel, Northeastern University - Intelligent Toolpath Planning and Control for Cold Spray Additive Manufacturing

8. Md Munim Rayhan, ColRAD - FIU - Sensor-Based Collision Avoidance for Robotic Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing

9. Pranav Anumandla, Northeastern University - Correlating Pure Titanium Powder Manufacturing Methods and Resultant Particle Morphologies to Microstructural Properties, Particle Flight and Impact Velocity, and Bonding and Deposition Characteristics in Cold Spray Additive Manufacturing

10. Salih Duran, Northeastern University - A study on the Impact and Adhesion of Block Copolymer Particles with a Silicon Substrate for Polymer Cold Spray Applications

11. Sarvesha Rajashekara, ColRAD - FIU - Friction Stir Welding, Processing, and Additive Manufacturing of Aluminum alloys and Composites

12. Ugur Kokal, Northeastern University - Investigation of Aero-Acoustic Noise in Cold Spray Additive Manufacturing

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