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LSAAT 2023 Hybrid Meeting:

DCU Center Worcester, MA


Dr. Victor Champagne
LSAAT Director
Dr. Victor_Champagne_Jr

Dr. Victor Champagne Jr. is the Large Scale Additive Action Team Executive Director. In his 40 years of materials research and development experience, Vic has been responsible for the advancement of emerging technologies for the Department of Defense that have led to commercialization. One of his most significant achievements, was the establishment of the ARL Cold Spray Center, which he led for over twenty years, and is devoted toward research, development and implementation of Cold Spray. Currently, he is continuing to make extraordinary advances in Additive Manufacturing and the transition of technology into commercial applications.

Janice Bryant

Janice Bryant is the Naval Sea Systems Command. She can be described as a dynamic idea generator that can create, articulate and adapt future visions into today’s practical applications and tomorrow’s plan. She is a seasoned project management professional with strength in completing delivery of first time, complex, short-fused initiatives is seeking challenges with consequential impact. Janice thrives on using strong communication skills to build teams, improve efficiencies, bridge differences and implement change across multiple organizations. Bryant is an agile learner able to rapidly assimilate information, act as an innovative catalyst and provide critical analysis for building self sustaining technical or functional solutions.

Dr. Sriram Manoharan
image (9).png

Sriram Manoharan is an R&D Program Manager at ADDiTEC.  He has3+ years experience in advancing metal additive manufacturing (AM) to enable economically viable high value applications through multiple federal funded projects. His research interests include expanding current design and material capabilities of metal AM through computational, analytical and experimental studies. Sriram performed PhD research on understanding process-structure relationship in producing compositionally graded alloys using simultaneous wire-fed and powder fed laser directed energy deposition process (MELTIO M450)

Dr. Anastasios Gavras
image (10).png

Dr. Anastasios Gavras leads the Wire-Direct Energy Deposition (DED) Technology initiative at VRC Metal Systems, LLC.  Dr. Gavras is a Materials Scientist & Engineer by training, with expertise in fatigue & fracture, and metallurgy of titanium, steels, and aluminum alloys. He has 8 years of industrial experience in root cause failure analysis of small-scale components in the consumer electronics industry and large-scale tubing and piping systems in electric power generation plants. During the last 2 years, his work at VRC Metal Systems, LLC, focuses on developing the plasma arc welding (PAW) process for additive manufacturing of commercially pure (Grade 2) titanium and MAR250 steel parts.

Alex Finch

Alex Finch is passionate about cutting-edge technology and pushing the state-of-the-art in a number of fields. He was formerly the President and co-founder of Tri-D Dynamics (Tri-D), a Silicon Valley-based design and manufacturing startup applying metal additive manufacturing, including cold spray, to the fabrication of smart infrastructure. Tri-D Dynamics was acquired by Titomic Ltd. in 2021. Alex holds a M.S. in Aerospace Engineering from Purdue University as a GEM Fellow and a B.S. in Structural Engineering from UCSD as a Gordon Scholar.  In 2022, Finch was named a part of the Forbes 30 Under 30.

Session 1

Session 2

Dr. Xuxiao Li
Dr. Xuxiao Li.jfif

Xuxiao Li has developed multi-physics models to simulate thermal-fluid dynamics in complex gas-solid-liquid systems, with applications in laser welding and 3D printing processes. Xuxiao Li from GEM will be presenting 'Material Flow in Additive Friction Stirred Deposition (AFSD)'

Dr. Doug Bristow
Missouri S&T

Doug Bristow is a Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Director of Center for Aerospace Manufacturing Technologies at Missouri University of Science and Technology. Doug Bristow from Missouri University will be presenting 'Influence of Deposition Pitch on Tensile Behavior in FSAM of Aluminum.'

Dr. Paul Allison
Baylor U.
image (11).png

Dr. Paul G. Allison is a Professor in the Mechanical Engineering Department at Baylor University, and is leading the interdisciplinary Point-of-Need Innovations (PONI) Center as the founding director. Dr. Allison’s research focus is developing the fundamental understanding of the processing-structure-property-performance relations for a variety of material systems to support basic and applied research projects with a special focus on in-situ resource utilization of secondary feedstocks such as machining scrap or battle-damaged components. His research has been supported by a variety of industrial sponsors as well as the Army, Air Force, DHS, DOE, FHWA, Marine Corps, Navy, and NASA during his career.

Aaron LaLonde
image (12)_edited.jpg

Aaron LaLonde has a career and background in metal, material, process, applications and technology development with roles in management and leadership. He has experience in additive manufacturing, material research and development, nanomaterials, laser processing and deposition, customer engagement and leadership. LaLonde is a strong technology professional with a Ph.D. focused in Materials Science and Engineering from Michigan Technological University.

Alex Michelson
Solvus Global
alex michelson.jfif

Alex Michelson is a Machine Learning Engineer at Solvus Global. Alex Michelson from Solvus Global will be presenting 'Limitations to (and Opportunities for) Scaling Large AM.'

Session 3

image (16).png

Jeremy Schreiber  is the Assistant Research Professor at Applied Research Laboratory CTO/CDO at HAMR Industries LLC. Jeremy Schreiber from HAMR will be presenting 'Large Format Cold Spray AM Components for Defense & Space.'

Jeremy Schreiber
Dave Hofferbert
image (17).png

Dave Hofferbert is the President at Bond Technolgoies, Inc. Hofferbert from Bond Technologies will be presenting 'The Importance of Data in Driving AFSD Technology Development.'

Steven Camilleri
steven camilleri_edited.jpg

With 20 years of engineering design experience, Steve Camilleri is a multiple patent holder and was named a Finalist of Young Australian of the Year back in 1997. Steven is co-founder and chief technology officer of SPEE3D where he and his co-founder Byron Kennedy have developed a revolutionary new high speed metal printing technology. Last year, SPEE3D received the Modern Manufacturing Initiative (MMI) grant to mass produce metal 3D printed rocket engines.


Logan McNeil is a Research Leader & Project Engineer at EWI in Arc Welding and Directed Energy Deposition Processes. Dennis Harwig is a Research Associate Professor, The Ohio State University, MSE Department, Welding Engineering Laboratory. Together they will be presenting 'Robotic Hybrid DED Mfg of Lg Format High Strength ST Aero Structures'.

Logan McNeil & Dennis Harwig

Dr. Slade Gardner is the President at Big Metal Additive. Dr. Slade Gardner from Big Metal Additive will be presenting 'Accelerating Production and Acceptance for Wire Arc DED.'

Dr. Slade Gardner
Big Metal Additive

Session 4

Porträt quadratisch_edited.jpg

Dr. Sascha Bernhardt is the Head of Sales at the Cold Spray system manufacturer Impact Innovations. He joined Impact in 2020 and lead the company to significant growth. As an experienced International Sales Manager for machinery & plants he built-up and managed global sales and service networks in North America, Europe and Asia. Before he worked as a senior management consultant for strategy, sales and services. Sascha took his PhD in Industrial Engineering & Management at Technical University of Berlin, Germany.

Sascha Bernhardt
Jeremy Iten
image (15).png

Jeremy Iten is an Elementum 3D Chief Technical Officer. Jeremy Iten from Elementum 3D will be presenting 'Laser Powder Bed DED of A6061-RAM2'.

Ken Ross
ken ross.jpg

Ken Ross is a Materials Research Engineer in the Energy Processes & Materials Group at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL). Mr. Ross leads and executes research in solid state processing to create improved materials and manufacturing processes for industrial and government clients. Prior to joining PNNL in 2015 Mr. Ross executed cold spray, friction stir welding, and linear friction welding research and development for industrial clients while working at Manufacturing Technology, Inc. His responsibilities also included mechanical, electrical and control system design of capital equipment components.


Dr. Tanaji Paul is a Research Assistant Professor at the ColRAD Laboratory, Florida International University, Miami leading research for advancement of Cold Spray and Wire Arc-based Additive Manufacturing. He is a co-inventor on 4 US Patents, Co-PI on a US federal research grant, and has established new materials testing and training infrastructure at FIU. Tanaji brings 8 years of metallurgy experience to foster partnerships with industries, national laboratories, mentor doctoral researchers, and is a co-author of 34 research articles.

Tanaji Paul
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