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LSAAT 2024 Poster Session

Click the set of links below to open a new window featuring a PDF file of each abstract.

2024 Poster Submissions

1. Nate Sena, Ohio State University - Dual Wire Arc DED Processes for Functionally Gradient and High 
       Strength Steel Bimetallic Structures 

2. Jason Langevin, Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) - Investigation of Wire-Arc Directed Energy Deposition (DED) for Replacement of Conventionally Manufactured HY Steels 

3. Katrina Rodriguez, Florida International University (FIU) - Grain-Based Corrosion Mapping of Commercially Pure Titanium Fabricated via Wire Direct Energy Deposition 

4. Blanca Palacios Salamanca, Florida International University (FIU) - In-Situ Tensile Test Revealing Strain Evolution and Deformation Mechanisms of Wire-Arc Direct Energy Deposited (WDED) Single α-Phase Ti

5. Matthew Register, Mississippi State University - Towards Finite Element Modeling of an Active Cooling Plate Design for Arc-DED of CP-Ti 

6. Logan Betts, Mississippi State University - Towards Closed-Loop Feedback Control and Multimodal Data Collection of Wire-Arc Directed Energy Deposition via Robot Operating System    

7. Victor Rojas, Baylor University - Additive Friction Stir Deposition Capabilities as a Repair Technique for Aluminum Alloy 7050 with different Control Methods and Feedstock Geometries

8. Amlan Kar, South Dakota School of Mines & Technology - Fabrication and Characterization of Solid-state Hybrid Additive Manufacturing (Cold Spray + Friction Stir Processing) 

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