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LSAAT 2024 Poster Session Guidelines

About the 2024 Action Team Poster Competition

Do you have research you’d like to share?


Part of the mission of the Large Scale Additive Action Team is to promote the participation of students in the additive manufacturing industry by providing an opportunity to showcase their research in a public forum. One of the forums to accomplish this goal is the poster competition.


Abstract submissions are due May 10, 2024. Any research work related to large scale additive manufacturing will be accepted in this event.


Please note the poster competition details and submission guidelines.

Criteria:  Abstracts should contain original material relevant to the field of cold spray.



The 2024 Action Team Poster Competition will be held in-person only. The 2024 Action Team Poster Competition includes an abstract submission via email prior to the deadline on May 10, 2024 to be featured in the meeting program. 


Technical Requirements:

Poster submissions must include:

  • The abstracts must be submitted electronically via email or our site submission form as either a Microsoft word document (.doc), or a PDF.

  • Abstracts should include the title, all authors’ names and affiliations

  • Abstracts are not to exceed 250 words

  • Abstracts should include any pertinent disclosures regarding the research



To be deemed eligible for the 2024 Action Team poster competition, you must be enrolled as a:

  • Postdoctoral Fellow

  • Graduate Student

  • Undergraduate Student


How do I apply to present a poster?

Submissions will be accepted by emailing your abstract to the LSAAT Organizing Committee.  Submission of abstract is required as PDF or .doc format. Poster submissions will be accepted now until the deadline on May 10, 2024.


Each entrant may submit only one poster and must register separately to attend the meeting in-person (register here).

  • Cold spray related posters are to be set up on Tuesday 6/11 in the morning to remain for judging until awards on Wednesday 6/12 in the afternoon.

  • Posters related to large scale additive technologies will be set up on Thursday 6/13 in the morning to remain available for judging until awards that afternoon. 

Additionally, please send along a PDF file of your poster to be displayed on our website with the proper accreditations.


What will the judges be looking for at the Poster Competition?

The judges will evaluate you in different categories. Below are tips on how to excel in each category.


Poster Content:

  • Posters should contain relevant information, objectives, methods, results, and conclusions. You can include other parts like future work, alternative hypotheses, etc. You can be creative as to how you present your work, but it should be easy to follow.

  • Tables and figures should be clear and appropriate. This is achieved by proper labeling and having the figures and text big enough.

  • Clearly show the development of your research. The order in which you show your experiments and data matters. Make sure it has a logical flow.

  • Methods should be presented in a way that makes it clear that they will help answer your question and/or test your hypothesis.

  • Include the implications of your conclusions or possible impacts of your results. This does not have to be a big part, but it will serve as a primer for a conversation about the importance of your research.

Project Merit:

  • Convey in a clear way how the project came about.

  • Explain how the findings will advance research within the cold spray field.

Poster Appearance or Clarity:

Contact Us:

Thank you for your valued participation in our program!  If you have questions or comments about the 2024 Action Team Poster Competition, please e-mail the LSAAT Organizing Committee.   

Abstract submissions are due by May 10. Review our past Poster Competition submissions here.

Poster dimensions for printing should be 36”x48” with horizontal orientation. Remember to bring your poster to the check-in table upon arrival at the DCU Center.

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